Chimney Cap: DraftMaster cap
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Product Description

Fully assembled for quick and easy installation.
 Static, no moving parts.
 Stops chimney downdrafts.
 Stops debris and bird mess.
 Stainless Steel caps will not rust for a lifetime.
 All Purpose model for use with coal, coke, wood, gas and oil.
 30-day money-back guarantee.
 Superb in quality and design.
 For vertical installations only.
 Comes with a free 1" spark screen.

Lifetime warranty.

Installation: This product comes fully assembled. No drilling or gluing. Insert the base of the cap into chimney pipe, wrap stainless steel strap around cap base legs and tighten with provided bolt and nut. A stainless steel strap locks the cap down onto the base of the chimney and holds it in place preventing the wind from blowing it off.

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