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SkyRider cap (wind directional).

Quick and easy installation.
 Stops debris and bird mess.
 Stainless Steel caps will not rust for a lifetime.
 Limited lifetime warranty
The ultimate in quality and durability.
 All Purpose model for use with coal, coke, wood, gas and oil.
 30-day money-back guarantee.
 For vertical installations only.
Comes with a free 1" spark screen.

These are a fun way to jazz up your SkyRider Cap.
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Installation: No drilling or gluing. Just insert base of the cap into chimney pipe, and tight friction fit will hold this Cap securely.

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Chimney Cap: SkyRider cap

SkyRider 3 (ID = 3")SkyRider 3 (ID = 3")
SkyRider 4 (ID = 4")SkyRider 4 (ID = 4")
SkyRider 5 (ID = 5")SkyRider 5 (ID = 5")
SkyRider 6 (ID = 6")SkyRider 6 (ID = 6")
SkyRider 7 (ID = 7")SkyRider 7 (ID = 7")
SkyRider 8 (ID = 8")SkyRider 8 (ID = 8")
SkyRider 9 (ID = 9")SkyRider 9 (ID = 9")
SkyRider 10 (ID = 10")SkyRider 10 (ID = 10")
SkyRider 12 (ID = 12")SkyRider 12 (ID = 12")
SkyRider 14 (ID = 14")SkyRider 14 (ID = 14")

We sell only stock sizes online. Due to extreme variations of chimneys, we are not able to provide all possible sizes online. However, we do custom orders. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us.

If within 30 days of ordering, you are in any way dissatisfied with your Chimney Cap for any reason, then just return it to us and we will refund you the cost of the goods, no questions asked.
We are unable to refund any shipping charges.



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